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Published onMar 30, 2023

the option

the checkbox

the toggle switch

not the default

at the end of the list

the bottom of the page

the three-dot menu

on the roadmap

the back of the room

the bottom of the stairs

the sidelines

and backstage

This is where they leave us,

an afterthought,

tacked on to the end of equity acronyms like they tack us on to the end of priorities.

Stay positive.

Things could be worse.

Woman with short, bright pink hair, black frame glasses, and black septum ring poses in front of a bookshelf.
Ray Zill is the Electronic Resources & Rare Books Librarian at The Evergreen State College Library and Web Editor for Alki: The Washington Library Association Journal. She enjoys navigating tricky e-resource issues and will happily flip the table on anything that needs a fresh start. Ray balances her tech skills with a love of handmade books and poetry. She can regularly be found inhabiting the James F. Holly Rare Books Room, printing letterpress at home, or teaching classes at Community Print.
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