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Burned Books Display

Published onDec 27, 2023
Burned Books Display

Full Display

Photo of a display case titled “Books on Fire” filled with books, artifacts, and images that give a history of burned books.

Olympic College Libraries installed a display on the history of book burning for Banned Books Week 2023. The display features a quotation from A Universal History of the Destruction of Books, by Fernando Baez: “Those who destroy books and libraries know what they are doing. Their objective has always been clear: intimidate, erase motivation, demoralize, enhance historical oblivion, diminish resistance, and above all, foment doubt.”

Throughout History

Photo of a display case filled with books; artifacts including maize, calligraphy brushes, and barbed wire; and signs that explain the theme of “Burned Books Throughout History.”

The display includes information on Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who confiscated and burned the works of a range of philosophers and historians in China in 213 BC, and Franciscan Diego de Landa, who publicly burned Mayan books and thousands of cultural works in 1562.

Books on Fire

Photo of a display case with text “Books on Fire” above books, a manuscript, antique glasses, a pride flag quilt, and signs that explain the theme of “Burned Books Throughout History.”

These shelves include information on book burning in Germany, Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, Sri Lanka, and Serbia. Librarians from Poland and Timbuktu who carried out services and preservation during attacks on their libraries are featured. Information on the recent surge in censorship and the Books Unbanned library card initiative is also featured. The pride flag quilt was created by librarian Caroline Evergreen. 

A female-presenting person with wavy blonde hair pulled back into ponytail, black frame glasses, and a patterned brown sweater poses for a headshot in front of a shelf of books.
Amanda Cain is a reference, instruction, and cataloging librarian who has worked at Olympic College since 2012. 

A female-presenting person with shoulder-length brown hair and a pink collared top smiles at the camera for a headshot in front of some foliage.
Caroline Evergreen joined Olympic College as the Reference, Instruction, and OER Librarian from Georgia last November. When she is not at the library you can find her reading, quilting, or exploring this corner of the world with her family and her two pups!
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